Complimentary Webcast by John Campbell! DB2 11 for z/OS: Technical overview – Part 1

Complimentary Webcast by John Campbell! DB2 11 for z/OS: Technical overview – Part 1

DB2® 11 for z/OS® helps secure and manage high-volume business transactions, batch reporting, and business-critical analytics together, in a single environment, and built on the legendary qualities

via DB2 11 for z/OS: Technical overview – Part 1.  Check this out .

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DB2 11 for z/OS Technical Overview Part 1 with John Campbell- Available on REPLAY NOW

DB2 11 for z/OS Technical Overview Part 2 with John Campbell – Available on Replay now – Click Here

DB2 11 in the Age of the Cloud with Maryela Weihrauch – Live Webcast 20th January,2015 – Register Now

Mobile and business critical analytics collide: Are you prepared? Live Webcast: January 27, 2015 – Register Now

DB2 11 ! What’s new from the optimizer in DB2 11 for z/OS? Terry Purcell Available on REPLAY NOW


DB2 11: The Ultimate Database for Cloud, Analytics and Mobile – Book Signing at IBM

DB2 11: The Ultimate Database for Cloud, Analytics and Mobile – Don’t Miss the Book signing Event at IBM Insight 2014 !

Monday  27/10/2014 13:00 PST – 14:00 PST


For the past five years, every October IBM has launched a new DB2 for z/OS every October in line with IBM’s largest “Big Data” Conference in Las Vegas (#IBMInsight) and this year we are keeping up the tradition. This new book builds on our previous books and is targeted at new and existing DB2 for z/OS customers and users.

DB211BookcoverThe book is segmented into four areas

Section 1 Introduction

This section covers an overview of the   “Top 10 Reasons to Upgrade to DB2 11 for z/OS”. DB2 11 is still the ultimate database and is trusted many banks worldwide. With the explosion of data and new technologies like cloud and mobile companies are trying to gain a competitive advantage – however the top requirements of security, proven technology, reliability and scalability are still key customer requirements and cannot be compromised at any cost. Here are the top 10 reasons customers are upgrading to DB2 11.

  • DB2 11 Reduces COSTS! Even More Cost -Saving Up to 40 %
  • Business Analytics for Real -Time Decision Making
  • Enabled for Big Data, Cloud Phenomenon!
  • Enabled for Mobile World – World Class JSON Datastore
  • SPEED! Simpler, Faster Migration for FASTER ROI
  • DB2 11 is certified for SAP applications from day 1 — First time in history
  • Industry Leading Optimizer gets even better!
  • Improved Productivity with DB2 11


Section 2 & 3 DB2 11 Technical Overview and DB2 11 Migration Planning and Real Customer Experiences

Section 2 and 3 are written by John Campbell IBM Distinguished Engineer and Gareth Jones – IBM Technical Specialist and are a “must read” for every DB2 for z/OS customer. These chapters will save companies a lot of time and money. John has shared “Best Practises and many lessons learnt”
Section 4. DB2 11 Application Compatibility

  • Section 4 is written by Chris Crone IBM Distinguished Engineer and Jay Yothers who have over 50 years DB2 experience between them. One of the most common obstacles that prevents customers from migrating to a new release is the need to implement any code changes required due to application incompatibilities such as new reserved words. This section describes application compatibility features in DB2 11 that allows such applications to continue to run under the new release until those changes can be implemented, removing them as an upgrade dependency.


About the Authors

JohnCJohn Campbell ( is an IBM Distinguished Engineer reporting to the Director for z/OS Development at the IBM Silicon Valley Lab. He has extensive experience of DB2 in terms of systems, database, and applications design. John specializes in design for high performance and data sharing. He is one of IBM’s foremost authorities for implementing high-end database/transaction-processing applications.

“I strongly encourage any customer planning a migration to DB2 11, oreven already executing a project to migrate to DB2 11, to read this book, as it will help the respective installation migrate faster and safely to the new release.”

GarethJonesGareth Jones ( has been in IT since 1985, when he worked in the United Kingdom for an IBM customer. His first real contact with DB2 was when, as an IMS Systems Programmer and DBA,he was handed the job of migrating DB2 from V1.3 to V2.1, and he hasn’t looked back since. He spent eight years as a contractor, gaining experience in France, the Netherlands, and the UK, before joining IBM as a permanent employee in 2000. Gareth worked for several years in IBM’s Strategic Outsourcing division, and in BetaWorks, before joining the DB2 for z/OS SWAT Team under the leadership of John Campbell, taking advantage of the opportunity to work with many customers around the world.

“This book is a valuable source of information for customers planning to migrate to DB2 11, for those who are already in the process of migrating, and for those who are planning to exploit some of the new features. It will help you to achieve your objectives safely and successfully.”

ChrisCroneChris Crone ( is a Distinguished Engineer with the IBM DB2 for z/OS Development team, where he has worked for 25years. He is the team lead for the RDS Execution Engine team and has contributed to many SQL-related items while working on more 10 releases of DB2. More recently, Chris has been working on improving the performance and scalability of DB2 for z/OS.

“DB2 11 has added major new capability in the form of application compatibility with previous DB2 10. This support will enable customers to confidently migrate their systems to DB2 11, while ensuring that their applications will continue to behave as they did in DB2 10 without change. I hope you will read this book and understand how you can unlock this new capability.”

SurekhaPSurekha Parekh ( is IBM’s World-Wide

Marketing Program Director. She has more than 25 years’ experience in B2B Market Management across a broad range of IT products and solutions with proven results. Surekha currently leads the Marketing for DB2 for z/OS globally and is responsible for market strategy, planning, and execution of tactics in IBM.  A successful campaign and brand manager, Surekha has led several IBM global campaigns, including the 30th Anniversary of DB2. She is particularity customer-focused and understands the importance of Customer Relationship Management. Surekha also leads the Social Media Strategy for Information Management on System z. In this role, she has built several loyal social media communities for IBM on LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, and Facebook, with over 10,000 members. Surekha also developed “The World of DB2”community (, a dedicated DB2 online community with over 3,000 members. Based in Warwick, United Kingdom, Surekha is a passionate marketer and a member of Chartered Marketers. She represents IBM on the International DB2 User Group (IDUG) committee and is currently the DUG Marketing Chair.

“We hope you enjoy this book, and we hope it saves you time and money. Find out why DB2 11 is still the #1 Enterprise Data Server and the choice for most Fortune 100® companies.”

JayYothersJay Yothers ( is an IBM DB2 for z/OS architect.He has been part of the DB2 Development organization since the very first release of DB2 and has designed and developed many key features of DB2 for z/OS. He has been awarded more than 20 patents for his work in DB2 for z/OS. Jay is a frequent speaker at conferences such as IDUG, SHARE, and Insight and at seminars, webcasts, user group meetings, and executive briefings, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to such events.

“I recommend this book to customers interested in improving the performance and functional capability of their database system. It describes the performance advantages and additional functional capability of  DB2 11 along with its simplified and relatively easier migration process”

Fourth Poland DB2 Users Group (PDUG) Tech Conference in Cracow over 70 attendees!

Fourth Poland DB2 Users Group (PDUG) Tech Conference in Cracow over 70 attendees!


The Fourth Poland DB2 Users Group Tech Conference, held on September, 15-16, gathered nearly 70 DB2 experts for both platforms: z/OS and LUW from the biggest database installations in Poland. This time the attendees had a chance to visit the IBM Client Center in Cracow (south of Poland), being part of the IBM Poland Software Lab, which hosted the event.

According to the feedback collected, the Conference met with such great interest thanks to its very attractive agenda. IBM Lab specialists (Nigel Slinger, Bart Steegmans, Wang Shu, Wen Jie Zhu, Michał Białecki, Marcin Baster, Jan Nelken), CA Technologies experts (Andy Ward, Tom Juhl), UBS Heiner representative (Leif Diesing) and – what pleases the most – many DB2 users had accepted the invitation to deliver a presentation. Paweł Hryb from PKO Bank Polski S.A., Gerard Kaduczek from Asseco Poland S.A. and Andrzej Jonasz from IBM GTS/ITS shared their everyday work experiences concerning DB2 for z/OS. Due to the dynamic growth of the Linux, Unix, Windows section of PDUG, it is expected that during the next conference organized by the Group one will also find a presentation prepared by a DB2 for LUW users.

Two days of the Fourth PDUG Conference were crammed with 14 technical presentations and -worth a mention- free, one-day DB2 BLU Acceleration Bootcamp on DB2 for LUW track. Among the discussed topics there were the news concerning v11 DB2 for z/OS, Big Data, DB2 storage and DB2 bufferpool issues, as well as DB2 optimization techniques. In DB2 for LUW track the agenda consisted of BLU Acceleration news, performance issues and database diagnostics topics.

Thanks to IBM -the conference partner- the attendees were also offered free DB2 certification. Many of them took the chance and passed the exams collecting another certificate to their professional portfolio.

The IBM Client Center in Cracow proved to be a perfect place for organising PDUG Tech event. The layout of the Center, its functionality and the interior of the venue were conducive to sharing knowledge and experiences among the DB2 specialists, but also to building professional networks and relationships. The warm welcome Poland DB2 Users Group received from the hosts of the Conference makes them want to come back there one day.

After the long and intense day of lectures, the Conference attendees had a chance to unwind in a café-pub “Artefact Café”. This was the opportunity to get to know each other better, to continue the unfinished discussions concerning DB2 and other issues, but also to put one’s dancing skills to test. It seemed to be another bounding experience for the Polish DB2 community, as well as great fun. Many of the Conference attendees decided to officially join the Poland DB2 Users Group association the following day proving that the Group is still growing.

What is also worth notice, PDUG members continue to publish its own paper magazine “On DB2 Paths” and distribute it among conference attendees. It is also a place for DB2 specialists to share their knowledge and best practices when dealing with DB2. In the second issue of this fanzine, technical articles by Marek Monikowski and Piotr Matusiak (mBank S.A), Jacek Banasiak (Accenture Services) and by Michał Białecki (IBM Silicon Valley Lab) were intertwined with PDUG-related topics. Cristian Molaro, Chairman IDUG EMEA 2014 Conference Planning Committee also encouraged his Polish peers to attend IDUG conference in Prague.

DB2 11: Ultimate Database for Cloud, Analytics & Mobile! NEW BOOK

DB2 11: Ultimate Database for Cloud, Analytics & Mobile! NEW BOOK to be launched in Las Vegas at  IBM Insight 2014  

The Biggest Big Data and Analytics Conference

IBM Information On Demand is now Insight! The name has changed for a reason: It’s no longer just about information; it’s what you can do with the information. More than ever, organizations are using data for competitive advantage. At Insight you will discover how that data has transformed Business Analytics, Information Management and Enterprise Content Management and explore the latest developments in Cloud, Mobile, Security, Social and Watson.

Insight 2014 is the biggest event for DB2 for z/OS family – with 180+ z-specific sessions, hands-on labs and workshops, System z Solution Suites, and so much more.

Learn more and register now.

Receive a copy of the new  DB2 11 book

Title : “DB2 11 – Ultimate Database for Cloud, Analytics & Mobile” 

Book Signing: Monday 27th October 

Meet the Authors and pick up your complimentary signed copy at IBM Insights Bookstore, Mandalay Bay at 13:00 PST – 14:00 PST

Can’t Make IBM Insight…

Don’t worry we will be handing out free copies at IDUG DB2 Tech Conference in Prague  in EMEA

MUST ATTEND SESSIONS. Build Your Agenda Today!     –Register Now and Secure your Place

Monday, October 27
IDZ-4212: DB2 11 for z/OS and Beyond
Jeff Josten & Tom Ramey

IWM-4728A: How IBM DB2 and IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator at State Farm
Vaidya Pillai,   State Farm, M Weihrauch

Tuesday, October 28
IDZ-4375B: Migration Planning and Early Experiences with IBM DB2 11 for z/OS
John Campbell – IBM DE

Wednesday, October 29
IDZ-4915D: IBM DB2 11 Application Compatibility: What You Need to Know
Chris Crone – IBM Distinguished Engineer

Thursday, October 30
IWS-4681A IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator: Trends and Directions
Namik Hrle – IBM Fellow

Visit The World of DB2, Big Data and Business Analytics at:

The Best of the Best DB2 Speakers – Kick Off IDUG EMEA Keynote

Namik Hrle IBM Fellow and Paul Zikopoulos IBM Vice President

are the Key Note Speakers this year at IDUG EMEA 2014 in Prague.


Paul z
Paul Zikopoulos IBM Vice President
Namik Hrle
Namik Hrle – IBM Fellow

The session is called “DB2 Trends and Directions” and will take place on Tuesday, 11 November, 8:30 – 10:00.  This is an unique opportunity to hear and meet two of IBM’s industry experts and must not be missed. If you have not registered yet – hurry and register before the EARLY BIRD discount runs out.

Business Analytics, Big Data and Systems of Engagement create new requirements that profoundly affect database management systems technology. Hybrid engines,columnar orientation, in-memory databases, no-SQL stores and APIs are the key trends that have already proven their values in some of the most challenging application workloads. At the same time, traditional, relational database management systems are still irreplaceable foundations for a large majority of mission critical, core business applications.

How is DB2 for z/OS affected by the new technology trends and business requirements?

Which of them are already available and which are being developed?

What is DB2 for z/OS strategy to stay industry leader under the new conditions and continue to be the prime choice for the most demanding data serving workloads ?

These answers and more will be answered in this keynote address.

Namik Hrle is an IBM Fellow and works in the IBM Boeblingen Development and Research Laboratory. He is a member of the IBM Academy of Technology,  IBM Software  Architecture Board Steering Committee and many other expert teams. He specializes in information management technology and its usage by the enterprise applications. Namik works closely with the IBM labs worldwide, and helps customers deploy and optimally exploit information management products. He is currently developing the IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator which augments DB2 with
industry leading complex query performance and appliance simplicity.

Paul C. Zikopoulos, B.A., M.B.A., is the Vice President of Technical Professionals for IBM’s Information Management division and leads the Worldwide Competitive Database and Big Data teams. Paul is an award winning writer and speaker with more than 20 years of experience in Information Management and is seen as a global expert in Big Data and Analytic technologies. In his spare time, he enjoys all sorts of sporting activities, including running with his dog Chachi, swimming and overall fitness training.

DB2 11 for z/OS now certified with PeopleSoft

On July 14, 2014 – Oracle has announced the certification of PeopleTools 8.54, 8.53 and 8.52 with IBM’s DB2 11 for z/OS. In line with previous DB2 certifications, PeopleSoft requires DB2 New Function Mode for certification
For connectivity, we recommend DB2 Connect 10.1 FP2+ or 10.5. FP2+. While DB2 Connect 9.7 FP6+ may still be used, the newer versions of DB2 Connect are best.
NOTE: IBM states that DB2 Connect 10.5 FP2 is required to exploit some DB2 11 features. More information can be reviewed under the ‘Connectivity’ section here.

The World of DB2 for z/OS